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Pres Release Originally Released on October 14, 2008

LogoLounge Chooses 5 Logo Design Guru Logos for Publication

Logo Design Guru is featured for the second year in a row in LogoLounge Volume 5, the industr's leading design compilation.
Langhorne, PA (PRWEB) October 14, 2008 -- Logo Design Guru, one of the web's leading logo and web design firms is proud to be selected by Logo Lounge Inc, for inclusion in the 5th edition of its design compilation series Logo Lounge.

This is the second year in a row Logo Design Guru has been acknowledged by Logo Lounge, the leading guide to the industry's best logo design.

Having a place in one of the industry's premiere publications, is a great honor. It's both a great source of inspiration for our design team and a great source of acknowledgment.
Submitted logos were selected and screened by an international panel of judges from the world of design. This years panel includes, Andreas Karl of Karl Design, Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios, Michelle Sonderegger of Design Ranch, Sarah Moffat of Turner Duckworth, Jamie Koval of VSA Partners, Vince Frost of Frost Design, Bronwen Rautenbach of The Brand Union, and Alex de Janosi of Lippincott.

Logo Lounge Volume 5 will feature 5 logos designed by Logo Design Guru, bringing its total to 10 logos for both Logo Lounge Volume 4 and Logo Lounge Volume 5.

Logo Design Guru's Executive Vice President Joe Witte said it's always an honor to be featured in a Logo Lounge. "Having a place in one of the industry's premiere publications, is a great honor. It's both a great source of inspiration for our design team and a great source of acknowledgment."

In addition to publishing the Logo Lounge book series, Logo Lounge also has a membership website open to graphic design firms, freelance designers, and creative industry to showcase their designs. The site receives, and then presents these logos to provide creative inspiration, and showcase logo design trends.

Logo Design Guru, a Philadelphia based company established in 2003, has designed over 15,000 custom logos for small and start up businesses in all industries.

Logo Design Guru is a leading online logo design and web design firm. Logo Design Guru provides affordable logos for small and start up organizations worldwide. Taking small business branding to new heights, Logo Design Guru offers logo design, brochure design, and web design services.

Daniel Natale

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Press Release Originally Released on September 19, 2008

Logo Design Guru Wins 10 American Graphic Design Awards

LANGHORNE-Logo Design Guru is excited to announce that it has won ten (10) American Graphic Design Awards.

This is the third consecutive year Logo Design Guru has been acknowledged. It is also the first year it has won awards in the Web Design and Brochure Design categories bringing its American Graphic Design Award total to 21.

“In 2007, we were excited to have 8 designs chosen, in 2008 we were blown away by having 10 designs chosen in multiple categories.” says Joe Witte Vice President, Logo Design Guru. “It speaks volumes about our designers and is a testament to both their creativity and design flexibility.”

Judged by a nationwide panel of creative professionals, the prestigious awards sponsored by design journal Graphic Design USA recognizes outstanding work from the creative world, and has highlighted the best in design for nearly 40 years.

The Winners for 2008 are: Ali Baba Oriental Rugs, Community Unity, Heritage Stoneworks, Ace Film Festival, Jason Ellis Realty, Groomin' & Roomin', Funders Group and Jungle Sport, and Bodegas Taco Shop, and Barun Angel Group.


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Daniel Natale

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Originally posted at Logo Talk, Logo Design Gru's Official blog which I contribute:

Why Brochures Still Matter in a Paperless World

In this increasingly paperless world, the majority of marketing collateral and business presentations consist of digital documents. From your latest PowerPoint masterpiece to a flashy interactive website, electronic media can be quick, easy, and visually stunning. There is no denying the advantages of electronic media.

However, due to these strengths it is likely your message will be forgotten. Your clients will want and need a permanent reminder of your message. Offer them the presence and physical cache of a slickly designed brochure.

1) A Brochure is Tangible

Made only of simple paper or basic card stock, a brochure is a tangible object that your clients will hold on to and keep. This is especially important if you offer a service that is abstract or industry specific. A brochure will give you a prime opportunity to explain your services and will allow your client time to absorb the finer points of your proposition.

2) A Brochure is Impressive

Traditionally the costs of designing and printing a brochure kept all but the biggest companies from producing a printed brochure. Fortunately, with the ease and efficiency of online design and printing, the cost has significantly fallen. Take advantage of this development, and present your small business as a juggernaut. Underscore to your clients that you know the value of professionally designed and printed collateral.

3) A Brochure is Simple

With the alphabet soup of file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, HTML) the last thing you want to do is confuse a potential client. Don’t force them to take a training course in computer science just to read your pitch, give them a prepared hard copy. Not only will your client’s appreciate this, but also your message will be clearer without the noise of unwanted technical questions.

4) A Brochure is Timeless

Today’s cutting edge web presentation will be passé and outdated in a matter of months. Rapid shifts in technology can make your slick electronic collateral dated and obsolete overnight. Don’t waste time and money chasing the next big thing. Invest in a brochure, a time tested and proven medium.

A brochure with a classic design will stand the test of time. Easily portable, and simply stored, a
brochure will always remain not only on someone’s desk but also in their mind

Daniel Natale

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I work at Logo Design Guru it's a leading online logo design and web design firm. Logo Design Guru provides affordable logos for small and start up organizations worldwide.

We have a blog called Logo Talk. Come check us out for some great branding advice as well as tips for small and start up business.

Daniel Natale
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